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 The Query Letter

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PostSubject: The Query Letter   The Query Letter EmptyThu Nov 05, 2009 9:57 pm

If you are trying to find an agent to represent a novel or book of short stories, be sure that your manuscript is complete before approaching agents. Otherwise, the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of finding a good agent is write a great query letter. Again, there are online sources and even books that can help you with this. There are even agents who keep blogs on the topic of what makes a good query letter. In a query letter, you want to put across your book's content in just a couple of paragraphs, so these paragraphs must be stellar! Spend many hours writing your query letter, then get some feedback and spend more hours. In addition to the query letter, submit the first chapter of your book to an agent. Many agent's accept submissions by email, many do not yet. If you have researched carefully the agents you are sending to (know what types of books they like), send to no more than 20 to begin with. Most agencies have websites w submission guidelines. You can also see the books they have helped to get published. A good way of researching agents is to google: "my favorite author's" literary agent and see what comes of it. Often authors thank their agent in the opening acknowledgements of their books, so you can hunt for your favorite author's agent this way as well. This is presuming that the author's your favorite because your writing is inspired by his books to a certain extent, or similar to, etc. Once you have written your really good query, in which you should mention (in one line) why you are submitting to this agent, make some copies BUT REMEMBER TO INDIVIDUALIZE EACH LETTER BEFORE SENDING. Agents assume that you are submitting to more than one agent at a time. If all 20 reply negative or do not reply at all with 8-10 weeks, go back to work on that book and make it undeniable for a second round of sending out. (First off-- get fresh reader feedback.)
Here are online sources for writing the query letter:
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The Query Letter
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