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 An Experiment in Not Making Sense - Carry On

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PostSubject: An Experiment in Not Making Sense - Carry On   Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:15 am

"I Carry On, But In My Fears"

Her earrings are tiny dancers
They wear a new dress each day
Rich sons of bitches they must be
I bet they bought those maracas from Pablo
down on Pipila street
I can smell the salsa they dance
They move like tomato, cilantro, spice
I taste the beat they step to
It burns my tastebuds for weeks to come

Those dancers smeeg a lot
Cans after bottles after forties
Tomorrow they will be drunk
They will dance closer than ordinary
Tingling sensation of skin on skin on sweat
Aroma of body, tequila, passion
Closer than possible

They probably won’t drink tomorrow.
The binding doctrine of addiction
You know who will?

Sometimes Pokie feels alone.
She sees the past with no future there.
So she puts on her wings and takes to the sky.
She will soon fly far
She will seek her great escape
Unless she will be grounded.

Perhaps by lightning, storm and rain
The thunder in her ears, the constant rumbling on
All that grounds the flying things.
Sometimes in the obscurity of the rain, all becomes clear.

Mais si le pamplemousse n’est pas frais,
She will not have a good day.
These simple things, they do her in
The sand fills up her chest
A time glass, flipping her life upside down

And by golly so they say
“These kids don’t stand a chance”
Our rap sheets run miles long
And we couldn’t run a mile to save our lives
The generation wall stands between
Technology, sex, rebellion
There’s a window there
And protection is the purpose over separation

But it all ends when the maraca falls to the floor
Wood splitting and convulsive rice
Hitting shins like that pellet gun you got for Christmas
If the pellet hits you, but there’s no mark for mom to see
It never hit you at all.
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PostSubject: Re: An Experiment in Not Making Sense - Carry On   Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:48 pm

This is good! I especially like the stanza with all the flavors.
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An Experiment in Not Making Sense - Carry On
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