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 An Experiment in Image

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PostSubject: An Experiment in Image   An Experiment in Image EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 10:08 am

Two big windows
Let the light in
Shining columns
On a brown carpet
The same way the sun hits the earth.
The white bunk bed
And canopy in the corner
Is like a ship,
Mast tall,
Sails unfurled,
Awaiting any adventure
I can dream.
I can see out the window
The garden,
Full of life
Almost ready for harvest
And my chickens
Scratching at the ground.
But now it is night
And I can see the lights from the city
Far away
Through the same window.
“Get in bed”
My mother says
I see my brother,
Already asleep.
But how can I sleep
When the world is still awake?
But my dream ship is calling me
Into the white world of sleep
I succumb at last
Until the sun shines through the windows
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An Experiment in Image
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