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 A Chunk of Psychic Landscape (revised)

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A Chunk of Psychic Landscape (revised) Empty
PostSubject: A Chunk of Psychic Landscape (revised)   A Chunk of Psychic Landscape (revised) EmptyMon Oct 19, 2009 7:45 pm

In the kitchen stands a boxer and a half-eaten cake
Which the beater from before had forgot to take-
Was it anger or shame, or the hand of a rake?
She had made it not of love, but for hope’s own sake.

Out of all of the angels on the head of a pin,
Only this one had to watch as the young ones stayed in
Calm without, but a young mind starts a gear to spin,
Falling well-worn traces: night must needs begin.
Through the needle passing quickly falls a blackberry-whir:
Mother’s voice as the shadows by the door begin to stir
As it opens, her voice rises past the pitch of sure
And it’s more than the young ones should have to endure.

Not a cloud above the cliff gives a lick of spit
And the flour sits inert like a sack of shit
Where it spilled, too high to see when it didn’t fit
And she had to ask for help to get the gas stove lit.

The doorknob on the door to her side is round-
Now it rolls to the side like a shot glass downed.
The children on the ground can only turn to the sound-
Her head lower than the rest, like a bashful hound
Crying mess, what a mess, and it had to be found-
He approaches alone, but he seems to surround
While she tries to remember being inward-bound.

Quiet now, all alone, bare feet pad to the sink
What a mess, what a mess, shivering beyond the brink,
Reaching up, small hand open, trying too hard not to think
For come bed, eyes wide open, she will try not to blink.
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A Chunk of Psychic Landscape (revised)
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