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 The moon is an onion

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PostSubject: The moon is an onion   Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:54 pm

The moon is an onion.
I peel back its sticky layers with my thin fingertips, painfully
Releasing the harsh poignancy of change- tattoo remorse of the forgotten soul
Like cactus legs when it rains.
You can smell the raindrops when they fall, sometimes
It’s a bit like dancing:
The spinning rain sends little particles of wetness into the air
You can’t help but be caught up in it.
Speaking of onions, though,
Crunching and raw,
I never did like knowing how the world worked.
It’s like a spice that comes in phases:
First brash and harsh, surprise
Then too-long lingering , sharp spirals on the tongue
And last a dissatisfying sweetness .
Too much knowing.
Moonbeam likes onions from what I’ve heard
Though hers are from home, where the sweetness comes first.
Lots of sketchy hippies in Olympia, she said.
There can never be enough knowledge of the world, she said,
Though in a year or two, she will know more than enough.
The gossamer sun shines slowly on the rippled edge of the breath-light pond
And the iridescent wing of forgiveness waits still:
It hasn’t the chutzpah to confront the rain
Even through the dust-veil of absurd grass blades
Which shine with all the translucence of
That original moon
An onion-skin on the preface of hesitant night.
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The moon is an onion
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