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 Proverbs of Darkness

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Proverbs of Darkness Empty
PostSubject: Proverbs of Darkness   Proverbs of Darkness EmptySun Oct 18, 2009 11:28 am

5 proverbs:

Run straight, The wise master Pick the wrong pocket
And the tiger will catch you hides his weapons and face the sword

Overconfidence Greed is a hole
Is a dam, that will never fill
Waiting to break until you fall in it


Greed is a hole
That will never fill
Until you fall in it,
But you don’t see it;

An easy target,
Or is he?
The wise master
Hides his weapons;

Is a dam,
Waiting to break;
Do you tempt fate?

Pick the wrong pocket,
And face the sword;
Drawn from nowhere,
Judging your crime;

Run straight,
And the tiger will catch you;
All regrets end
In a flurry of claws.

Your Soul’s Shadow

I am the shadow, my former self,
A caged beast broken free.
You see dark clouds on the horizon,
Black as the ones that plague your soul
You stand at the cliff,
Ready to plunge into a sea of needles.
But a voice stops you;
My voice.
The wind envelops you,
Calling to you, beckoning.
A whirring whirlpool of whispers.
“Release, and be free.”
Surrender to the darkness,
Surrender to me.
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Proverbs of Darkness
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