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 How do I know if a particular agent is legit?

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PostSubject: How do I know if a particular agent is legit?   Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:09 pm

These two online resources address this very issue:

In addition, never send to an agent who charges a reading fee.
If an agent requests a "partial" manuscript, that's a good indication that they were intrigued by your query letter. If an agent requests your whole manuscript, he or she may ask for an "exclusive". This means that they are going to take the time to read quickly (two or three weeks time) and don't want you to give the whole manuscript to anyone else until they've gotten back to you. But how will they know whether you've given the whole manuscript to anyone else? From the author's point of view, an exclusive simply means that you'll give them first dibs on offering to sign you as a client. I wouldn't say no to someone who is requesting the manuscript just because you've agreed to another agent's request for an "exclusive." Authors need to look out for themselves only. It's a good idea to request to know the agent's time frame for reading your manuscript once he or she requests the whole.
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How do I know if a particular agent is legit?
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